Zinc Plating

Zincate 108 - A liquid cyanide free zincating product for the aluminum plating process. The Zincate 108 applies a thin zincate film that allows subsequent plating of copper, nickel and other electrolytic deposits. The Zincate 108 provides a tight dust free uniform gray deposit upon the surface of the aluminum. Zincate 108 can also be used in a Double Zincate Process to promote excellent adhesion on alloys or in industries that require this process.

Ronatec C2C has a commitment to improve and refine current processes as well as research and develop new ideas in zinc plating technology. We offer a complete line of processes, from traditional cyanide, non-blistering alkaline non-cyanide, super bright chloride processes that are easy to chromate to the latest in zinc cobalt, zinc-nickel, and zinc-iron alloy chemistry. All Ronatec Zinc Processes, when used in conjunction with the BriteGuard Protective System, provide outstanding corrosion resistance, flexibility and economy.