Trivalent Chrome Plating Processes

Trionyx - An RoHS and ELV compliant, and automotive approved black trivalent chromium process.
Since 1995, Ronatec C2C has been a pioneer in the Trivalent Chrome Plating market. While many trivalent chromium systems are associated with certain color problems, notably darkness and a noticeable lack of shininess, Ronatec has worked to develop both liquid and powdered versions which all but eliminate these issues.
An alternative to hexavalent chromium, trivalent chromium appears to hold the most promise. Trivalent chrome plating provides a safer and environmentally acceptable alternative. It decreases health hazards from airborne chromium. Waste treatment and disposal costs are reduced because the process uses no hexavalent chromium.
Trivalent systems can save an electroplating shop money in a number of ways They include lower metal concentrations and current density, and reduced dragout, fumes, and liability. By installing a trivalent system, you avoid the need to reduce hexavalent chromium wastes to their trivalent state.