Anodizing – Deoxidizers

Recently, Ronatec C2C moved into the anodizing market. In order to do this succesfully and in the most efficient way for our customers, we partnered with major names such as JSA, and Coventya to offer a complete Anodizing Product Line.
We are all experiencing an increase in the usage of aluminum in our everyday lives. Aluminum is lighter than other commonly used metals, and is easy to machine, extrude, or cast. An aluminum part, when made the anode in an electrolytic cell, forms an anodic oxide on the surface of the aluminum part.
The process of producing a controlled, anodic coating or anodic oxide on the surface of an aluminum part, is known as anodizing.
The excellent corrosion and wear resistance of the anodic coating allows for uses ranging from cookware, the space shuttle or even satellite parts. Automobile trim, exterior architectural applications, and even airplane components use anodized aluminum components.


Deox NC-1