3ft x 3ft x 3ft Complete Anodize Line

3’x3’x3′ Complete Anodize Line

Assumptions: 480V, 3 phase power.


This 3’x3’x3′ complete anodize line package includes all the heaters, temp controllers, pumps, filters, rectifiers and tanks required to produce a type 2 clear anodize coating. The tanks are welded polypropylene with all pumps and filters mounted outside of the tank on the rear as to increase equipment longevity. Controllers will be mounted on the front of the tank. Chiller is not included.

1Aluminum Soak Cleaner160FYesNo
3Alumiinum Etchant160FYesNo
7Anodize Tankset by customer(chilling coil included, chiller not included)YesNo
9NA Seal190FYesYes

This system includes a 1000amp, 18volt, (with ramp) rectifier for the anodize tank. (Rectifier upgrades available upon request)

Price is $87,500

  • Upgrade to a type 3 hard anodize rectifier = add $21,000
  • Add 1 color (dye) setup = add $10,500 (includes nitric activator tank, rinse tank, and dye tank) each additional color after the one listed is $3,500 per tank
  • Standard chiller = add $21,000 (systems vary, we recommend using a local chiller company, but are happy to sell them if you want it as a package)
  • Remote for Rectifier = add $1,400
  • Hand Fill Water Plumbing = $2,800
  • 40′ crane = add $49,000 (systems vary, we recommend using a local crane company, but are happy to sell them if you want it as a package)
  • Technical drawings = add $4,900 (basic)
  • Installation = add travel for a 3 person team, plus $4,900/day of labor. If required equipment is not available, the customer will be responsible for renting/providing it (typical install is 3 days for this anodizing package). These are not complicated systems. Electrical and plumbing not included in this price.