AquaVantage 815-GD
AquaVantage 815-GD

AquaVantage® 815 GD

An unrivaled combination of highly effective parts cleaning, broad material compatibility, extensive industry approvals, and recyclability produced in a safe formulation. AquaVantage® 815 GD is the aerospace cleaner of choice in most immersion and ultrasonic cleaning applications.

  • Mildly Alkaline Solution which Cavitates in Ultrasonics with Unparalleled Performance Providing a Water Break Free Surface
  • Use During the Manufacturing or Rebuild of Aerospace Components in Immersion, Mildly Agitated or Ultrasonic Cleaning Processes

(Formerly Formula 815 GD)

Approvals & Conformance: Airbus Industrie: Consumable Material List (CML) Item #11-024A Airbus UK: ABP 8-1290; Approved Alkaline Cleaner Airbus: AIPI 09-01-003 Approved Alkaline Cleaner Airbus A330 Maintenance Manual Task 32-11-00-220-843-A32-11-00 PB 601 American Airlines: CPN4106223 American Eurocopter: AEC QA-DCR/10-06/01 Anheuser Busch: CTS #07979-000 Bell/Textron: Material Bulletin 1608J Boeing (McDonnell Douglas): DPM 6373 Boeing (McDonnell Douglas): DPS 9.341-1 Boeing (McDonnell Douglas): P.S. 12024; Cleaning, Aqueous Immersion Degreasing Boeing: BAC 5749; Alkaline Cleaning Boeing: BAC 5753; Cleaning, Descaling, and Surface Preparation of Titanium and Titanium Alloys Boeing: BAC 5763; Emulsion Cleaning Boeing: HP 9-25; Degreasing Boeing: BAC 5749; Alkaline Cleaning (PSD 6-153)* Boeing: BAC 5763; Emulsion Cleaning (PSD 6-62)* Bombardier (de Havilland): PPS 31.04, Aqueous Degreaser Bombardier Aerospace: BAPS 180-040; Aqueous Degreasing Ford: Tox #150887 GE Aircraft Engines: SPM CFM-TP SP2 (CFM56) 70-21-18 GE Aircraft Engines: SPM GEK9250 (CF6, GE90, CF34, CT7) 70-21-22, Method 1 GE Aviation: List of Alloy Compatible Cleaners GE Aviation: S-421 General Dynamics, Electric Boat Division: Contract No. N0024-95-C 2103 GM: FID Number – 261545 Goodrich Aerostructures (Rohr): RMS 1533 Goodrich Aerostructures (Rohr): RPS 17.23 Rev. AE; Metal Prep for Adhesive Bonding Goodrich: ML 21304; Brake & Wheel Components Honeywell (Allied Signal): EMS 53170 Honeywell: Component Maintenance Manual (Fuel controls) Honeywell: Standard Practices Manual Hughes: 780202 Hughes: SCGPS 56039 Lockheed Martin: EPS G32.0160 Lockheed Martin: STP-57301; Aluminum Cleaning Lockheed Martin: LMA-PG006, Rev B National Stock Number: 07 Size; 6850-01-392-8439 National Stock Number: 55 Size; 6850-01-392-8430 Naval Shipyard: File No. 0006902; Cleaning Respirators and Paint Equipment Northrop: C-24 Pratt & Whitney: SPMC 184, SPOP 209 Immersion Tank (oper.1) and Spray-on/Rinse-off Cleaning (oper. 3); SPS 184 Rockwell: LLD565-0013-001 Rohr: RMS 1533 Rohr: RPS 17.23 Rev. AE; Metal Prep for Adhesive Bonding Rolls Royce (Allison Engine): EPS-345 Rolls Royce: CSS 204 Type A Rolls Royce: E.A. AX-1800-001 Rolls Royce: OMAT 1/24S Sikorsky Aircraft (United Technologies): SS 8423 Rev 5 Safran Aero Engines: DMP 13-300 South Coast Air Quality Management District: Certified as a Clean Air Solvent United Technologies/Pratt & Whitney: SPMC 184, SPOP 209 Immersion Tank (oper.1) and Spray-on/Rinse-off Cleaning (oper. 3) Meggitt Aircraft Braking Systems – Fulfills Standard Practices Manual AP-842 (32-46-35) when used and maintained according to BHC guidance.
Test Compliance: ARP 1755A: Stock Loss (Cat. 9) ARP 1755B: Stock Loss (Cat.10) ASTM F-1110: Sandwich Corrosion ASTM F-1111: Low-Embrittling Cadmium Plate ASTM F-483: Total Immersion Corrosion ASTM F-484: Stress Crazing of Acrylic Plastics ASTM F-485: Unpainted Aircraft Surfaces ASTM F-502: Painted Aircraft Surfaces ASTM F-519: Hydrogen Embrittlement (Type 1c) ASTM F-945: Titanium Stress Corrosion (AMS 4916 & 4911 Alloys) Boeing (McDonnell Douglas): CSD 1; General Purpose Cleaner Boeing: D6-17487 Rev. K; Exterior Cleaner Contains No Cyanides or Sulfides PWA 36604: Hot Corrosion Testing GE Aviation: CT-882; Solvent Replacement PWA 36604 Rev. D: Determination of the Effect of Chemical Cleaners on Non-metallic Alloys (O-Rings)

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